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2015 was a big year for mobile Apps - According to Flurry, usage was up 58% overall and the News and Magazine category up 135%!  

How could you Use Us? 

Mobile Documents for Apps & Web  • Responsive Design • Interactive

About OUR Solution

We Take the Mess out of mobile

Let’s get Technical - Actually let’s not. We transform your PDF content to a great reader experience on mobile devices…all of them: phones, tablets, PC’s.  No need to worry about whether your content is being viewed on Apple or Android – we’ve got you. Want an App? That’s a great idea, let’s distribute to all the stores: Apple, Google and Amazon.  One single process - all platforms... and yes, we handle the technical updates.  

Today we want to access content where we want, how we want, when we want. Mobile devices of all sizes and manufacturers make information more accessible than ever before - and we have our choice of platforms, browsers and app stores. The problem for the content provider and marketing team is how to format content so that your audience gets a great reader experience and still get your information out in a timely manner. We fix that problem and then take it up a notch

Interplay Mobile Publishing uses technology to simplify your path to reaching and growing mobile users. Powered by GTxcel, we use the same technology leveraged by Publishers like Golf World, Pittsburgh Magazine and Costco. Our cross platform support, interactive elements and analytics help you focus on the content and user engagement.

Create a dynamic relationship between focused publications like newsletters, magazines and catalogues, and your other communication channels. You have web content, videos and blogs - let's use them! We provide the transformation service, then leverage your existing investments to take your documents to the next level.​